RPGSmith Application Version

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Version 1.0.0   (Built 00001)

Published: Monday Oct 29th, 2018
Notes: More commonly known as version 1.uh ooo, or “Barely out of Beta”. Honestly, we don’t expect to be in this version very long.

New Features

  • N/A – Initial Launch

Bug Fixes

  • N/A – Initial Launch

Versioning Format

EXP: Version 1.2.3 (build 45678)

  • 1 = Major Upgrade – This would be if we built out the GM portion of the app and released that with all those new features
  • 2 = Major Features – This would be if we released some new features, like Dice Animation & Search
  • 3 = Minor Features/functions – For adding new small functionality in existing features, dice results screen shows the record info for which it was executed from, etc.
  • 45678 = Every time we push out a new build this number increments