RPGSmith Application Version

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Version 1.0.7   (Build 0031)

Published: Friday March 15th, 2019
 Bug Fixes
  • Updated erroneous message when logging off (#639)
  • Filter/Sort in records now work with pagination, over 20 records (#617)
  • Creating link/execute tiles now returns records in a timely fashion (#638)

Version 1.0.6   (Build 0030)

Published: Thursday March 14th, 2019
New Features
  • Exploding dice can now be added to the Dice Tray (#636)
 Bug Fixes
  • Removed the Jokers from the ‘DOC’ Dice Type (#519b)
  • Resolved bug when updating default layouts where it refreshes to a different page (#603)
  • Fixed bug when searching records being taken to the character selection screen (#608)
  • Duplicating pages no longer removes command tile command strings (#612)
  • Resolved issue resetting device type defaults for layouts when updating a page(#613)
  • Added a loading gif when creating a link/execute while records load (#626)
  • Various textual updates (#631)
  • Added back navigation to record details screen (#632)
  • Duplicating a layout no longer loses tile image configurations (#635)

Version 1.0.5   (Build 0028)

Published: Wednesday March 13th, 2019
New Features
  • Clicking on a Note or Rich Text tile instantly access the edit interface (#627)
  • New DOC & DECK dice type to get a result from a deck of cards (#519)
 Bug Fixes
  • Removed error displayed for stagnant sessions (#620)
  • Fixed bug that switches between characters (#616)
  • Fixed bug that removed command string from tiles when duplicating pages (#612)
  • Resolved bug of switching to rule set level when performing searches (#610)
  • Refreshing on a rule ret record displays no data (#609)
  • Resolved flashing character bug when updating a character (#628)
  • Bug in navigation for record details screen when a record type is hidden (#625)
  • Updated the default image for the Rule Set (#624)
  • Centered the edit button for tiles (#615)
  • Clicking on dice tiles after a variable is in the command string now functions (#598)
  • Fixed command tiles and command character stat tiles display bug on Rule Set Layouts (#540)

Version 1.0.4   (Build 0027)

Published: Monday March 11th, 2019
  Bug Fixes
  • Improved some Dashboard elements for Tablet devices (#581)
  • Bug that prevented specific text inside quotes in command strings (#607)
  • Error on Rule Set rename,  (#611) jimraynor0 on reddit, Thanks for Reporting!
  • Item auto-unequiping bug (#614)
  • Hover over text doesn’t display properly on dashboard (#619)

Version 1.0.3   (Build 0026)

Published: Friday March 8th, 2019
New Features
  • Search ‘Advanced’ Section behavior adjustments (#579)
  • Update Dice roll from results screen. Roll dice with enter (#585)
  • Dice Screen header tile now select-able, link to records (#587)
  • Added search field to record details screens (#596)
  • Hovering over ‘Casting Time’ in Spell details screen show full text (#604)
 Bug Fixes
  • Mobile Mode was missing search button (#600)
  • Allow ‘AND’ to appear command comments (#601)
  • Fixed not refreshing account creation screen bug (#602)
  • Resolved closing dice screen with ‘x’ bug

Version 1.0.2   (Build 0025)

Published: Thursday March 7th, 2019
New Features
  • Allow use of Command Character Stats in a command strings (#459)
  • Allow Calculation Stats in other Calculations (#569)
  • Automatically expand ‘Advanced’ Section if search results in no records found (#579)
  • Logo button in top left will now return you to the Character Dashboard when in Character (#586)
  • Place text in dice command encased in single or double quotes (#589)
  • Last view view/scope retained for Records Screens. Scope indicator box updated(#590)
  •  Add hover-over effect on header fields in Record Screens (#594)
 Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue leaving ‘Manage Tile’ Mode from Mobile (#578)
  • Minor Tablet UI Updates for Records Screens (#581)
  • Fixed inconsistent error for Dice commands (#584)
  • Fixed dice roll bugs with NULL or ‘0’ Character Stat Values (#593)
  • Fixed navigation bug in Rule Sets Screens (#595) 
  • Fixed Back button 404 issues from CharStats Screen to CharStatValues Screen (#597) 

Version 1.0.1   (Build 0024)

Published: Tuesday  March 5th, 2019
New Features
  • Allow use of Command Character Stats in a command strings (#459)
  •  Image displays now show with wider width (#574)
  • Created a ‘remove from container’ button in the add to container screen (#577)
 Bug Fixes
  • Fix dashboard display bug when changing orientations on mobile devices (#476)
  • Resolved content not showing immediately after creation (#483)
  • Display ‘Logging On’ message with google/fb authentication from mobile device (#536)
  • Slight adjustment of Character Stats screen on mobile device (#580)
  • Security Patch (#583)

Version 1.0.0   (Build 0023)

Published: Friday March 1st, 2019
NotesMore commonly known as version 1.uh ooo, or “Barely out of Beta”. Honestly, we don’t expect to be in this version very long.
New Features
  • Code Optimization Implementation, Drastic Speed Improvements
  • Record Search Feature (#533)
  • Link Character Stats can now show image or title (#548)
  • Add Rule Sets sorted by popularity (#558)
  • Updated process to return to Edit mode after saving deletion mode changes (#567)
  • Increased Spell Limit to 3000 per Rule Set (#570)
 Bug Fixes
  • Newly created character stats are placed at the top of the list (#557)
  • Device Layout configurations are now preserved when adding/importing a Rule Set (#559)
  • The Default Dice tray is displayed when creating a Rule Set (#561)
  • Adjusted size of New Note Tile interface to allow the Rich Text Editor ‘+’ to display (#562)
  • Resolved issue where label Popups when changing Filter/Sort were not updating (#563)
  • Saved changes when switching between mobile Dashboard Edit Modes (#564)
  • Removed table bar from the Rich Text editor, provided no function (#566)
  • Mobile Back button will now close modal window and go back a screen (#576)

Version 0.9.16   (Build 0022)

Published: Thursday February 21st, 2019
New Features
  • See All Rule Set Records from Character Screens (Inventory, Spells, Abilities)  (#532)
  • Add Rule Sets sorted by popularity (#558)
 Bug Fixes
  • Empty Command Character stats were assigned ‘0’ for new Characters (#544)
  • Added a loading when configuring Link CharStats (#549)
  • Last Sort/Filter views are retained when returning to records screen (#553)
  • Default Values set for Rich Text Character Stats is retained (#560)

Version 0.9.15   (Build 0021)

Published: Monday February 18th, 2019
New Features
  • Implemented Pagination on ‘My Images’ Screen (#546)
 Bug Fixes
  • Resolved  bug that would auto scroll to the top of a page (#554)
  • Resolved various bugs that caused logouts to occur (#527, #528, #529, #530)

Version 0.9.14   (Build 0020)

Published: Friday February 15th, 2019
New Features
  • Implemented Sort/Filter Views for Character Records (#466)
  • Single click on a character state in Rule Set now launches the edit interface (#537)
  • Long press on a record from Grid/List View now launches the edit interface (#538)
  • Removed ‘level’ label from abilities grid/list view, cleaner visually (#542)
  • Change the color of the Submit button for account creation, prevents overlooking (#545)
 Bug Fixes
  • Fixed display of hover over text on dashboard for certain tile types (#541)
  • Resolved bug that removed character info when editing from character screen (#550)

Version 0.9.13   (Build 0019)

Published: Thursday February 14th, 2019
New Features
  • New “Add Rule Sets” Interface. Browse and see more info for Core Rule Sets before adding (#363)
  • Extended clickable area to drag and relocate tiles (#472)
  • Simplified Rich Text editor interface on mobile devices (#492)
  •  Added pagination on Stock images, loads faster/better (#496)
  • Combo Character Stat types can now have a default text value (#502)
  • Updated subtle inside corner style of tiles, rounded vs. square (#507)
  • Updated/Simplified password requirements (#522)
  • Added hover over effect on character stats in character stat values screen (#524)
  •  Prompted to save unsaved changes to character stat values before leaving screen (#525)
  • Slight update to Character Stat Create screen, changed button name to ‘create’ (#526)
  • Change the color of the logon button after creds are input, prevents overlooking (#535)
 Bug Fixes
  • Prevent typing into non type-able field (#461)
  • Preserved prior Character Stat choices after filter is performed when adding a char-stat tile (#498)
  •  Cleaned up dice interface display on mobile devices (#516)
  •  Adjusted Dashboard Navigation Menu in mobile devices (#517)
  • Removed older redirection feature no longer needed (#521)
  • Fixed bug setting default character stats to ‘0’ for new characters (#523)
  • Fixed pop-up confirmation message bug when saving updates to device default layouts (#527)
  • Resolved App Crash when adding Image tile (#543)

Version 0.9.12   (Build 0018)

Published: Friday February 8th, 2019
New Features
  • Characters can be created in core rule sets without 1st adding the rule set (#457)
  • Increase max number of ‘And’s in a command, now 5 allowed (#473)
  • Load ‘More Results’ for image web searches (#474)
  • Added a ‘Contained’ Icon to Grid, List, and Details Screen for items in containers (#478)
  • Updated & Improved “Manage Tiles” interface for mobile devices (#485)
 Bug Fixes
  • Update Navigation name to Back on Record Details Screens (#469)
  • When creating link/execute tiles show manila color for readied, equipped, & enabled records (#470)
  • Fixed Choice text display on tiles (#482)
  • Removed unused controls in Account Settings Screen ‘Show Dice Animation’ checkbox (#486)
  • Character stats list in new a character stat tile are now ordered, fixed hover over display (#488)
  • Character & Rule Set Description hover over effect now top justifies (#491)
  • Show Hover over display messages display on top of other elements (#494)
  • Reordered new tile choices for better logical order (#497)
  • Fixed custom Body Text color save option for tiles (#501)
  • Correct Title of ‘Dice Tray’ customize Screen (#504)
  • Reordered New Character Stat choices more logically: text on left, numbers on right (#506)
  • Extended the Layouts Name field to display more text (#510)
  • Adjust Rich Text Editor display to ensure ‘+’ features are seen (#512)

Version 0.9.11   (Build 0017)

Published: Tuesday February 4th, 2019
New Features
  • Added default layouts for specific device types functionality (#484)
  • Added button to remove a record association from a link character stat (#368)
  • Added button to remove an image from a command tile / character stat (#456)
 Bug Fixes
  • Adjusted Exploding Dice to Cascade dice rolls (#458)
  • Fixed a math bug when numeric character stats are set to “0” (#509)

Version 0.9.10   (Build 0016)

Published: Friday February 1st, 2019
New Features
  • Create Condition Character Stat Type (#368)
  • Remove Image Requirement from Command Tiles (#456)
  • Added Fate Dice ‘DF’ (#458)
  • Exploding Dice Feature ‘Dx!’ (#458)
 Bug Fixes
  • Character Stat creation error with advanced features (#511)

Version 0.9.09   (Build 0015)

Published: Friday January 23rd, 2019
New Features
  • Ability to provide Default Values for Character Stats (#382)
  • New “Link” Character Stat Type (#368a)
 Bug Fixes
  • Default Layouts Navigation Menu no longer shows hidden features (#493)
  • Toggle Character Stats display properly for new characters (#495)

Version 0.9.08   (Build 0014)

Published: Friday January 18th, 2019
New Features
  • New “Text” Tile Type available for pages (#450)

Version 0.9.07   (Build 0013)

Published: Thursday January 17th, 2019
New Features
  • New “Toggle” Character Stat Type (#448)
  • Redesigned Tile Color Selection Interface (#375)

Version 0.9.06   (Build 0012)

Published: Wednesday January 16th, 2019
New Features
  • Implemented new “Combo” Character Stat (#454)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed 500 errors seen in logs (#487)
  • “Last Results” in Dice screen now shows additional rolls executed with the AND function (#398)
  • Disallow Special Characters in Custom Dice names, Allow blank results (#481)

Version 0.9.05   (Build 0011)

Published: Monday January 14th, 2019
Bug Fixes
  • Resolved errors updating character stat values (#434)
  • Resolved Bug when Updating Default Layout (#441)

Version 0.9.04   (Build 0010)

Published: Thursday January 10th, 2019
New Features
  • Custom Dice / Dice Tray (#369)
  • Expand visible size of Rich Text editor window (#451, #463)
  • Added Dice roll button on counter tiles (#455)

Bug Fixes

  • Limit entries in Rich Text field to 4k Characters, preserves performance (#371)
  • Fixed bug of reordering Choice Character Stat Type Values (#435)
  • Centered Text Character Stat Values when displayed on tiles (#440)
  • Fixed bug resolving Calculation stats using Calculation stats (#444)
  • Resolved an Error when updating a character stat from tile (#452)
  • Fixed return to top button overlay in menu (#453)
  • Resolved inconsistent error when duplicating items on character (#460)
  • Resolve bug after creating a character it would not show without a refresh (#464)
  • Corrected display of default command name shown in multi command window (#465)
  • Corrected Spacing issue of buttons on tiles (#467) 

Version 0.9.03   (Build 0009)

Published: Thursday January 3rd, 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Optimized code for faster initial load (#446)
  • Character Stats now save much faster (#434)
  • Removed unused code (#437)
  • Changed ‘Memorize’ spell to ‘Ready’ (#442)
  • Resolved bugs with Layouts/Pages on Imported Rule Sets (#443)

Version 0.9.02   (Build 0008)

Published: Wednesday January 2nd, 2019

New Features

  • Insert Images in Note Tiles (#169)
  • Added Icons to various buttons in the app (#361)
  • My Images – Access, Delete, or upload more images from this option in the stack menu (#364)
  • Provide name for default command when multiple present (#388)
  • Made adjustments for better mobile device navigation (#421)
  • Replaced Screen name with “Back” button for easier navigation (#428)

Bug Fixes

  • For mobile devices, Do not auto-focus on name when editing a record, prevents keyboard popup (#317)
  • Character / Rule Set count at times incorrect in Stack Menu (#397)
  • Fixed caching bug of calculated stat values on dashboard (#415) Bug reported by community. Thanks!
  • Back button in Character Stats screen now goes to prior screen (#419)
  • Calculated stats now work with negative numbers also (#424)
  • Included copy and paste-able link in confirmation emails (#433)
  • Updated facebook links in standard emails sent (#436)
  • Removed Icon from use button overlay on image select (#439) 

Version 0.9.01   (Build 0007)

Published: Thursday December 27th, 2018

New Features

  • “Contains” & “Contained In” header fields in the Item details page now launch the interface to add associated items when selected (#303)
  • In Dashboard Edit Mode the trashcan pops up faster, slightly adjusted color (#304)
  • Allow multiple selections when adding Link/Execute Tile to the Dashboard (#358)
  • Updated Icons (#360)
  • Dice rolls executed from records display the record image/name on the dice results screen (#362)
  • Save/Cancel/Manage button duplicated at top of Character Stat Values Screen (#373)
  • Long Press on “+” or “-” in tile will rapidly count up/down number value (#374)
  • Mouse hover over of Tiles, Records & other content now displays the full name or description (#376)
  • Mouse hover over of Character Stats on Character Stats Value screen shows description information (#405)
  • Updated UI of Dashboard Menus for Mobile Devices (#417)
  • Removed Page Navigation Arrows for Layouts with only 1 Page (#418)
  • Improved UI of Navigation Menu for Mobile Devices (#421)
  • Created a “Delete Mode” to remove several tiles from the dashboard at once 

Bug Fixes

  • Preserve un-saved updates to default layouts if the page/layout name is changed (#355)
  • Custom Updates made to core rule sets are now preserved when a duplicate of the Rule set is made (#402)
  • When creating a Link/Execute tile expand choices by default & remove unneeded white space (#404)
  • Allow negative numbers in Numeric Character Stats (#413)
  • Corrected Quick Tips / Loading display issue for mobile devices (#416)
  • Minor UI adjustment on Add Tiles popup (#420)
  • Resolved bug that launched Manage Rule Set menu when Duplicating or Deleting a Rule Set (#422)
  • Fixed bug when selecting ‘contains’ on a container item the app would never load that interface (#423

Version 0.9.0   (Build 00001)

Published: Thursday December 20th, 2018
Notes: Initial Beta Offering, what’s the over/under on how long before we push out an update?

New Features

  • N/A – Initial Beta Launch

Bug Fixes

  • N/A – Initial Beta Launch

Versioning Format

EXP: Version 1.2.3 (build 45678)

  • 1 = Major Upgrade – This would be if we built out the GM portion of the app and released that with all those new features
  • 2 = Major Features – This would be if we released some new features, like Dice Animation & Search
  • 3 = Minor Features/functions – For adding new small functionality in existing features, dice results screen shows the record info for which it was executed from, etc.
  • 45678 = Every time we push out a new build this number increments